Misty Meadow School

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Misty Meadow School is a pre- and primary school situated in the Dargle Valley, KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, South 9e4b88_4400cbe578a244d9a18a425fcf58d425Africa. It is committed to creating an organic learning environment to support children’s self-directed learning. The school is not prescriptive about exactly what and how children learn: children remain at the centre of their own learning journeys in ways that make sense to them. It focuses on providing them with access to a rich diversity of catalysts, resources, perspectives, experiences, support, guidance, encouragement and opportunities for collaboration and learning. The school creates an enabling learning ecosystem for high quality learning.

Misty Meadows is committed to enabling children from all backgrounds to participate in school life. The Zoe Trust supports three children, Sisi, Nthambi and Njabulo who attend Misty Meadows school. They are all from disadvantaged but loving homes and are thriving in this child-led and engaging environment.

In May 2017 we launched a new project to install an internet connection at Misty Meadows school so that the children can access online learning materials. The school has revamped an old farm house ready for the computer and internet line. This project opens up a whole world of teaching and learning for all the children at the school but especially the children from disadvantaged homes who don’t have access to electricity. We are happy to have done this in partnership with the Geeks without Frontiers and with our sponsor Kirsty and her wedding guests.

In August 2017, the first computer installation was hugely successful with the children taking control with enthusiasm, immediately appreciating the value of this new opportunity and gaining immeasurably from various online learning materials. We therefore decided, in September 2017, to fundraise for five more computers for the school as Cassie’s blog post describes beautifully what a positive impact this will have on the children’s learning. We are also exploring new ways of maximising the potential of these computers by creating an online mentoring system similar to ‘school in the cloud’. Our trustee Emily Hogge has already researched and created her own database of online learning materials for students and teachers with limited access to technology which we hope to use. Alongside creating the materials we are setting up one to one mentoring with the students at Misty Meadows involving mentors from schools and universities in other countries to help develop the children’s understanding of  communication, technology and their subject specific knowledge. 


To find out more about the school, please visit the website at /http://www.mistymeadowsschool.co.za/